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Tunisia will host the 4th edition of the World Forum of Free Media (WFFM) from March 22nd to 28th, 2015 at the site of the El Manar University in Tunis. The World Forum of Free Media was born as part of the World Social Forum through meetings between activists supporting the freedom of expression and the fight for another form of communication. These militants were involved in the history of countless independent media experiences and struggles.

This 4th edition will take place two years after the last edition of WFFM in Tunis that gathered bloggers, journalists, associations, developers, hackers and academics and independent researchers. The profusion of initiatives has led to insightful discussions on freedom of expression, free access to knowledge, Internet issues, community radio, the reappropriation of information, free software among other topics addressed. The most recent edition of WFFM was also very rich in exchanges and opportunities to continue the fight for the right to communication and information worldwide.

The different structures involved in the dynamics of WFFM give you every opportunity to join the coming 4th edition in 2015. Like the last edition, the next WFFM will begin two days before the World Social Forum, convening from March 24th to 28th, and will continue for the duration thereof. This is an opportunity to deepen our reflections and strengthen our convergences between our different associations and initiatives. This coming edition of WFFM will also and above all be an opportunity to participate in the construction of the World Charter of Free Media, which is a tool of struggle and advocacy for various structures and organizations throughout the world who defend freedom expression and the right to communicate. In the meantime, organizations are also invited to comment on a draft Charter, which is here: