International Meeting - Community Radios: For a Citizen Information

AMARC mission Maroc 2011

The civil society Portal Maghreb‐Machrek e-joussour, a Forum des Alternatives Maroc (FMAS) program, organizes in collaboration with the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC) and the support of International Media Support (IMS), the International meeting « Community Radios: For a Citizen Information » on 5, 6, 7 and 8 December, in Marrakech. This meeting is in line with the project "Community media, for a citizen information", initiated by e-joussour/FMAS and co-sponsored by the European Union. The objective of these four days of seminar, supervised by international experts, is double:

  • On one side, to establish an advocacy strategy in the light of the precisions that will bring the international experts;
  • On the other side, to provide a technical support for the setting up, the management and the animation of the community radios by Moroccan civil society actors.

Also, it will be the occasion to:

  • Present the synthesis of the six regional meetings of « Dialogue for the setting up of community media in Morocco » that was organized to the benefice of the civil society in all regions of Morocco;
  • Present the result of the study « Diagnostic of the legislative framework regulating the Moroccan media landscape », the memorandum, the bill and the specifications booklet model for the setting up of community radios, realized by the international expert Said Essoulami;
  • Expose the concept of webradio « Joussour » which intends to be participative, the mouthpiece of the Moroccan civil society, and that will support the advocacy campaign.

The closing of this meeting will be the occasion of the official launching of « Joussour » webradio, the diffusion of the study as well as the launching of the advocacy campaign for the adoption of a legislative framework insuring the existence of community radios in Morocco. For more information : Imane Bounjara // Project Officer 06 62 06 97 09 //